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Leadership Training in Hospitals

Present Like a leader with the B.O.S.S. Method

With so much technology at our fingertips, keeping the human element with patients and colleagues is a must. Presenting yourself to an audience, whether of one or one-thousand, is a leadership skill that all of your staff needs, especially if they’re looking for greater opportunities of growth within your hospital or healthcare system.

In this four-hour workshop, Jack Rossin, an instructor at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health and an expert speaker, trains your employees who are looking for future leadership positions. The workshop uses the BOSS Method™. B is for Body Language and the impact that has on the audience, O is for the most powerful techniques to Open a presentation, one S is for Storytelling - the best way humans have of communicating. The last S is for Stoked! How to get yourself pumped to present.

The workshop combines lecture and practice. Each participant will give a short presentation, which is recorded on video. After feedback, each participant makes a second presentation using the feedback they just received. The results are always powerful and typically gets very favorable reviews from participants and administrators.

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Notes from Previous Attendees…

“The presentation workshop was really good. I was very skeptical at first but ended up being able to take a lot away from it. It was very useful to see the video of your presentation so you could actually see what you were doing. I definitely feel like a better presenter now and am looking forward to tomorrows workshop.”

 “I really enjoyed the presentation workshop. Although it felt awkward at first to watch ourselves on video, it was very helpful and certainly a technique I will use in the future.”