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Finding your Leadership Flow: Balancing Skill and Challenge

When the skill level of an individual appropriately matches, the challenge placed on that same individual, a delicate balance exists that has the potential to lead to a performer being in a balanced zone that has been connected to such aspects as increased concentration, improved mood, and enhanced communication.  When skill and challenge are appropriately matched, the risk of being overly anxious or overly bored is reduced, certainly an important aspect for morale building, job safety, and the leader-follower relationship.  

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Networking... All of Our Lifelines!

Attending any business networking event suggests you have made a personal and possibly a financial investment to be there.  “Showing up” … putting in an appearance and leaving after 15 minutes is doing yourself a disservice, insulting your host while missing the big opportunity to enable connections and meet others you may not otherwise ever have the opportunity to meet. 

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Kirsten SingletonComment
A Great Keynote Speaker Can Change the World (Or at Least Your World)

At a recent conference we hosted through the Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association, I stood in the back of the room, as I usually do, and scanned the audience as they found their way to their seats. The group included many high-powered healthcare executives. During the coffee break I had overheard snippets of their conversations, mostly about ensuring quality of care in the face of financial difficulties, regulatory mandates, and complex new partnerships. They all seemed to have heavy concerns on their minds…

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