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The B.O.S.S. Method™ Present With Confidence.

Acronyms are a particularly handy technique for speakers to use because speakers can quickly recall the points they need to cover while on their feet.  The BOSS Method acronym is a good reminder of the 4 things speakers need to do to make an impact at their next presentation.

The B in BOSS is for Body language. Research has shown that the power of body language in telegraphing important data is huge. When presenting, remember to focus on these things: eye contact, strong posture, animated hands and face, smile, moving around a bit (but not pacing), staying as close to the audience as seems comfortable, and delivering in a strong voice. Even if you only do one or two of these body language techniques, your presentation will be infinitely stronger.

The O is for Opens and closes. The audience pays the most attention to a speaker in the open and close, and even then it is only for a short amount of time.  Don't waste those precious seconds by talking about yourself, your company, your team or the agenda. Talk about the benefits that you will bring to the prospect. How will you bring a tangible advantage to the audience. Package what you want to talk about as a benefit to them---something that will make their job easier, make them more successful, have them shine at their office, etc.

Storytelling is the first S in the BOSS Method.  Of all the ways we have to communicate, human beings seem to understand and digest stories better than any other form of narrative.  Use a story to make the point of the benefit or service you are espousing.  We are at our best when telling stories so if you get particularly nervous at the start of a presentation, start with a story.  Walk up to the stage and start telling your story.  It needs no introduction. Just be careful to present a tight story so that you aren't going on too long, or taking too many side roads. It's best to write your story out and then edit.

The second S in the BOSS Method is Stoked.  You need to show enthusiasm when speaking; it telegraphs to the audience that you are excited about what you are saying and confident it is the right thing.  Conversely, when you are not stoked to speak, the audience loses attention quickly.  We all have different methods for getting stoked. Find yours and use it before you stand up.

Even though I speak frequently before audiences, each time I do I go through a mental check list of the BOSS Method to make sure I'm addressing those 4 components.  It gives me great confidence.  Now, go out there and shine!


The BOSS Method™ is trademarked by Jack E Rossin, 2019. Jack teaches Presentation Skills at The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and is a featured speaker of H Speakers. To learn more about Jack check out his bio here.